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Chospticks pochettes | Converting Trade SRL

Chospticks pochettes

Our chopsticks pochettes are created to satisfy restaurateurs specialized in Asian and oriental cuisine in te best way. Check the productive options available!
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Paper Napkins | Converting Trade SRL

Paper Napkins

Our wide range of formats, materials and colours will nabls you to satisfy the most demanding customers. Check all our formats!
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Paper Napkins | Converting Trade SRL
Paper cutlery pochettes | Converting Trade SRL

Paper cutlery pochettes

Our Paper cutlery pochettes with napkin are available in differents productive options and are personalizable with logo from 1 to 4 colours. Find out more!
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Leader in the personalized paper disposables for the HO.RE.CA.

We are paper disposables manufacturer for the Ho.re.ca secotr and we are specialized in the personalization with private lable of paper napkins, paper cutlery pochettes with napkin and paper chopsticks pochettes.
Our mission is becoming the right partner for every foodservice professional wanting to add an original and personal touch to their location.
In order to evaluate correctly the different proposals of our range we can supply free samples that can be representative of your idea and request so that you can feel guided in making the best choice for your communication project

Attention to the quality

In order to provide a superior quality and exclusivity we make our supplies from the most known and well  reputed papermills all over Italy and Europe to ensure pureness, softness, and strength of our products. A superior pure cellulose wadding quality is the first step to guarantee printing quality both in terms of colour tone and graphic precision. Our experts team check constantly the graphical result of each print in order to offer a high-quality product with an highly distinctive graphical impact.

High productive and quantitative felxibility

Thanks to our productive flexibility, we are able to satisfy specific requests for customized packaging solutions and minimum order quantity. 
We are always listening to our customers to evaluate together different solutions from our productive standards.

Promptness and timing

We rely on collaborations with the most trusted freight and logistic companies to ensure a high coverage of the national and international market as well as a safe and timely delivery. With our  distributive and commercial network, we guarantee an efficient and speedy service to satisfy time-to-market and post-sale support. We do always check with our customers the best logistic solution.

Know how and knowledge 

We offer to our customers our know how and our skills in the production of paper disposables and its personalization. The experience gained over the years, allows us to guarantee nowadays high quality personalized paper disposables at the best price.