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The best way to communicate at the table      

Our mission is designing and producing paper disposable products personalized  with customer logo for all the CHR market.

We have been specializing in the  production and printing of paper napkins, cutlery paper pochettes and chopsticks pochette.

Why we give to our customers the possibility of personalizing  all our products’ range?

Because we strongly believe that personalized paper disposables and paper tablecloth are effective promotional instruments able to fix the brand into the customers’ mind.

We follow the whole productive process, from big parent reel up to the finished pallet: we control all the production step by step into our plant.

For this reason we can guarantee  flexibility in terms of minimum order quntity, customized packaging,  customized delivery requests as well as  timeliness and and effective pre and post sales support.

Our Mission is to become the best partner for every foodservice operator that would like to give a personal and original style to his business.

The validity and the effectivness of a communicaion strategy is the result of both  expressive quality  and the quantity of the communication instruments used.

Disposable paper products, such as paper napkins and paper cutlery and chopsticks pochettes are important instruments to be used for conveying  brand values and accompaining with the printed logo , the user in the different occasions. 

Good details make the difference, also at the table.